I’ve recently starting contributing code into repositories on GitHub.  There are already several and I plan on a lot more.  They range from puzzles to other scripts/applications that I use at home.

  • Projects
  • Utilities
    • CommanderPy – https://github.com/chaddotson/CommanderPY
      This is a home automation type library.  I wrote the first version of this before I had a smart phone (about 3 years ago) and its been running on my Linux “server” ever since.  Basically, you configure it to watch a email address for commands.  The set of commands it can respond to is customizable and there are some available out of the box.
    • Server Status – https://github.com/chaddotson/server-status
      This is a collection of python modules that will attempt to ascertain if a web server is online by using pycurl to retrieve the designated webpage.  If it is not, a handful of out of the box notifiers can be configured to let people know the server is not online.  The set of testers and notifiers is extensible with custom classes.
  • Puzzles – https://github.com/chaddotson/puzzles
    • Python, Ruby, Rust, Scala, JavaScript N-Queens
  • Misc
    • Fortune – https://github.com/chaddotson/fortune
      This started out as a couple of custom files for the native fortune application.  I’ve now added a python implementation of a Fortune-ish script.  It will read the same source files used to create the fortune databases.  Added bonus is the make file to actually create Fortune databases.


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