John Payne Dotson and Family

I received this picture from another descendant of John Payne Dotson last week.  I was very glad to receive such a piece of family history since I don’t have any pictures that far back.  This picture was taken either late 1800s or very early 1900s since John Payne, pictured sitting right, died in 1910.  I am a descendant of Archabald Lefftridge Dotson and Martha Rebecca Baker.  Archabald is the son of John Payne Dotson and Martha Crownover.  I’m in the process of seeing if I can clean it up any.

[singlepic id=914 w=550 h=300 float=center]
Back row: left to right William Zachariah, John Spencer, Rufus Solomon, Joseph Madison, Goel Franklin, Archabald Lefftridge.
Front row: Nancy Almeta, Martha Rebecca Baker (Wife of Archabald), Sara Jane, Samantha Jane, Martha Crownover Dotson and John Payne Dotson

I know there is also some pictures of John Payne Dotson in his civil war uniform.  I’d really appreciate scans if you have anything of John Payne, Archabald, or Zackariah (John’s father).  You can send them to


  1. john albert dotson

    . . .stumbled in here following a tweet. Interesting family photo -congratulations!
    Haven’t done much research on my father’s genealogy, but my grandfather, Albert Bertrand Dotson, lived in SE Kansas in the late 1890’s where my father was born. My aunt also recalled that we may have had some relatives in Tennesee. Is a connection to John Payne Dotson possible?

  2. Lakan Dotson York

    I stumbled across your website as I was searching for John Payne Dotson. It’s been a few years since I did any research on the family, but I remembered that name. It’s exciting to find relatives around.

  3. Bobbi Wheat

    Hi Chad Do you have any information about Raleigh Dotson? I’m trying to confirm what I have.
    John Payne Dotson, son Joseph Madison Dotson, son Raleigh Dotson, Raleigh had 3 children with Ellen Davis (not married). Raleigh was hanged in Winchester , Tn at the jail with 3 black men by the Ku Klux ???. Raleigh’s 3 children then lived with Hollis Davis (Ellen Davis half brother). Their names were changed to Davis. Mollie (Dotson) Davis, William Daniel (Dotson) Davis and James Clayborn (Dotson) Davis’s, James Clayborn (Dotson) Davis is Alfred Wesley Davis, my grandfather , his son is my father Ernest Benton Davis. I hope you can understand this. Thank you for your help. Bobbi

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