Halo 3: ODST Post Game Review

Well I just finished up Halo 3: ODST.  Beyond that is spoiler territory.  Click through to the next page for more and several videos.

If anything this game is most definitely the shortest Halo game yet.   It has a pretty decent storyline and some well-known voice actors such as Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb – Firefly), Nathan Fillion (Malcolm Reynolds – Firefly), Tricia Helfer (Six – Battlestar Galactica), and Alan Tudyk (Wash – Firefly).  The overall story differs quite a bit from the traditional Halo storyline.  This one introduces several new characters including “The Rookie.”  The overall plot of the game is that you play the parts of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers dropped into New Mumbasa to counter a Covenant invasion.  However the drop goes awry as a Covenant carrier jumps out of an area near the drop zone and the shockwave blasts you and your fellow ODST off course.  You then spend the rest of the game attempting to find the rest of the team and get out of New Mumbasa.  This game has a few intense fire fights, nothing that a good supply of ammo can’t solve.  I almost wished I would have played through it on a higher difficulty setting.  I finished it out in just a few sittings on the Normal difficulty level.  It does seem to have replayability through the Fire Fight mode at least.  Firefight is basically a survival mode with continuous waves of Covenant. So far playing solo, I’ve had a hard time making it to the second wave. (Each wave consists of several smaller waves.)
Wrapping up, its pretty much a standard Halo game.  Halo 2 (if not the original Halo) remains my favorite.  This game does however make me wish  Halo: Reach was closer to release.  Coincidentally, purchasing ODST gets you into the Halo Reach Beta when it goes public in Spring 2010.  Overall I rate the game a B+, if your a Halo fan its worth the money.

Halo 3: ODST

Halo 3: ODST Gameplay

Halo: Reach Trailer

Additionally, someone sent me this on Facebook.  I found it funny.


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