Earthquake and Tsunami Japan 2011

This is a relatively short collection of videos I’ve found noteworthy from the 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami that struck Japan in March 2011.  All these videos are available on youtube.  Continue to the next page for more videos.
The tsunami washing everything away.
A longer video similar to the one above.  Features some of the same footage.
The tsunami washing over the countryside.
Tsunami washing through fields near Sendai

Tsunami washing away cars and buildings.  Film taken from the ground.

BBC video of the rising water carrying away boats and cars.
Video of the tsunami washing through a city taking everything with it.
CCTV of the tsunami hitting an airport terminal.

Soil liquefaction in action in Tokyo.

More soil liquefaction.

Video of one of the tsunami waves from a helicopter.

AP Video of a boat caught in one of the post tsunami whirlpools.  Also featuring the airport footage again.

AP coverage of a rescue and passenger train devastation.

Video taken in a market during the earthquake.
Earthquake footage in Yokohama.

Earthquake effects at a park.

Powerline & water effects.

Video of some of the tsunami waves coming in.
Fires burning at an oil refinery or other combustible material facility.

Destruction in Sendai.

Neighborhoods burning.
Video of the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

CitizenTube (a user on youtube) is collecting a lot more videos, you should check out his/her playlist for even more videos.

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