Solomons, Maryland Trip

Back at the beginning of August, I took my first flight to Baltimore, Maryland for a trip down to Solomons, MD.  The flight up there was a little bumpy.  I didn’t know “average” turbulence could be so rough.
Its quite a drive from Baltimore to Solomons.  I was kind of surprised how fast you can get out of the larger cities into more rural areas.  Also, traffic circles seem to have been the favorite traffic management device.  Went through two on the way down practically in the middle of nowhere, relative speaking.
The area around Solomons apparently is very tightly zoned.  What used to be the island part (Solomons Island) is very nice.  There are a few light houses and natural areas in the vicinity, I did not make it to those however.  I did make it to the Patuxent River NAS Museum, those photos are included below.
We ate at Stoney’s Solomons Pier Restaurant first night, Digiovanni’s Dock of the Bay second night, and Boomerangs third night; all were pretty decent.  I’ve included two videos I took on the flight back, more videos can be found at the link at the end of the post after the two best videos and the photos.

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You can find a few more videos of Solomons, MD on the playlist I created for this trip:


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