Automating Pylint with Gulp.js

Automating Pylint (and other Python Tasks) can be achieved with several viable python-based methods, but what if we used Gulp.js?  The following code snippet gathers runs Pylint on the set of python files defined by pySource.

var gulp = require('gulp'),
    shell =  require('gulp-shell');
gulp.task("pylint", function() {
    log('Linting with pylint -> creating report file.');
    var files = [];
    gulp.src(pySource, {read: true})
        .on('data', function(file) {
        .on('data', function() {
            shell.task(['pylint ' + files.join(' ') + ' -f parseable > pylint_report.txt'], {quiet: true, ignoreErrors: true})();


  • This is just a first cut.  I may find a better way.
  • I am aware that I could have simply used gulp-shell to call pylint with a collection of directories.
  • I am open to feedback on this.  Let me know if I’m doing something wrong or inefficient.


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