IR Remotes and LCD TVs

I just wanted to put some info out regarding problems that can be encountered with IR Remotes mixed with some LCD TVs.  If you have problems with your device remote (Dish Network, AT&T U-Verse, etc) working immediately after you turn on your LCD, check your TV’s back-light settings.  I’ve heard that the problem is due to the TV putting out too much infrared radiation during its warm up stage.  Apparently, increasing the intensity of the back-light diminishes this IR interference.  This has been tested and does work on for a Sharp Aquos paired with a Dish Network DVR and a Sharp Aquos paired with an AT&T U-Verse DVR.  For me, I had my TV set at about half intensity and only had to bump the back-light by a few points for the DVR remote to start working again.


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