A Better AsyncTestCase for Python

If you need asynchronous support in python unit tests, there are a few possibilities.  A simple google search points you to a few packages, one being tornado.  Tornado’s tornado.testing.AsyncTestCase seems straight-forward.  However it does have a shortcoming: it’s not thread-safe.  Trying to use it with a thread will result in a sporadic exception.  Consider this thread-safe, functionally similar alternative.

from threading import Event
from unittest import TestCase
class TimeoutError(Exception):
class AsyncTestCase(TestCase):
    """ Provides functionality similar to tornado.testing.AsyncTestCase except is thread-safe.
    def __init__(self):
        self._done = Event()
    def setUp(self):
        super(AsyncTestCase, self).setUp()
    def tearDown(self):
        super(AsyncTestCase, self).tearDown()
    def wait(self, timeout=None):
        """ Wait for event to be set.  Raise an exception if the event isn't set by the timeout.
        if timeout is None:
            timeout = get_async_test_timeout()
        if not self.is_done():
            raise TimeoutError()
    def stop(self):
        """ Set the event to terminate wait.
    def is_done(self):
        return self._done.isSet()
# taken from tornado.
def get_async_test_timeout(default=5):
    """Get the global timeout setting for async tests.
    Returns a float, the timeout in seconds.
        return float(os.environ.get('ASYNC_TEST_TIMEOUT'))
    except (ValueError, TypeError):
        return default



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