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Writing from the patio on a much deserved day off. What a day, sunny and 68 this 3rd day of spring. It sometimes makes it real hard to work inside in a windowless box. It’s been a busy day of a different sort, but dang I could get used to it.

Software Engineering Is Consuming

Software Engineering can and is absolutely consuming work.  The short of it is, we like what we do so we tend to focus a lot of attention on it.  We are problem solvers, designers, learners, and the list goes on.  I am of the philosophy that you should find and do something you like because anything else is a waste.  I guess that philosophy has its pros and its cons.  Is it so bad when your day consists of writing code, solving problems, researching, and learning new things?

Achieving Balance

I guess everyone talks about work/life balance and its true; you must always take time for yourself.  Get outside, do some walking.  It will help clear your head and it is a good stress reliever.  Maybe you’ll come back to the task with some fresh ideas and renewed vigor.  The schedule will always be there.
Personally as of April, I will have been on a diet and exercise plan for 2 years.  I’ve lost a lot and still need to lose more.  One of my biggest problems has been shorting myself on time to maintain my walking and weight lifting.  I seem to always get wrapped up in something.
Having a rewarding hobby is probably a good idea.  I’m not talking about coding a side project (don’t we all seem to have an overabundance of those), I’m talking about something else entirely.  My non-programming hobby is photography.  I don’t get to do it much it seems anymore it seems, but I do find winter a dreary time to take photos.  I did have a major accomplishment in this area last fall.  I officially photographed a wedding.  While I was originally scared to take on such a task, the photos turned out wonderfully.  I took the photo below today.

Bradford Pear Blooming Spring 2015



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