ISS Flyover August 28, 2012

These pictures were taken during a flyover of the International Space Station on August 28, 2012.  The one lesson learned from this set is that next time I want to take a series and stack them together for a picture that has the space station crossing the whole sky.

The Sagan Series – Gift of Apollo

Saw a link to this video Adam Savage's Twitter feed this morning. Its ultimately hard to believe that 2012 will mark the 40th year since we've been to the moon or further. Facebook: Reference: The Sagan Series (part 8) - Gift of Apollo.

Connecting a Nikon D5000 to a Telescope

I've recently posted photos (also re-posted below) that I've taken of the moon with my Nikon D5000 connected to my telescope.  Here are the components that I used. Fotodiox T/T2 Lens Mount Adapter for Nikon D5000 - Celestron Universal 1.25-inch Camera T-Adapter (This will work for many brands) -…