Connecting a Nikon D5000 to a Telescope

I’ve recently posted photos (also re-posted below) that I’ve taken of the moon with my Nikon D5000 connected to my telescope.  Here are the components that I used.

  • Total Cost: $41.65

Edit: For this to work, you will have to use manual mode (“M”).
Lunar Photography Attempt #1:
[singlepic id=1746 w=400 float=center]
Lunar Photography Attempt #2 (Supermoon):
[singlepic id=1816 w=400 float=center]


  1. Heinrich

    I thank you so much for the information to connect my D5000 to a telescope
    Awesome photos you have taken

  2. Abdullah F

    Great photos, I have a D5000 and I just bought the camera adapter and T-ring to connect it to a Celestron telescope. However, when i turn the camera on it says lens not attached! can you help me with this? Thanks

  3. Jonathan Arms

    where in manual do I go to set the shutter speed and F stop? sorry I am a total novice for using the camera without the lens…
    I am also going to try TTL of the sun. I have obtained 2 tiffen neutral density filters. for the telescope. I have obtained a four inch piece of welders glass.
    thanks for your time,
    Jonathan Arms

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