April 27, 2011 Storms

On April 27, 2011, much of the South was experienced an outbreak of tornadic thunderstorms.  CNN has compiled a list of possible tornado locations, you can find it here.  During the storms, Franklin County lost all power and cell phone coverage.  While Huntland took the brunt of the storm damage here in Franklin County, power was out for the rest of the county due to a large number of trees down as well as transmission line damage coming out of Alabama.  They told people that it could be 3-4 days before they get power back and weeks till everything is back to normal.  Hillsboro will be subject to rolling blackouts due to system load.  My power was out for 24 hours almost to the dot before it came back online.  One of the more eerie things to happen is the debris from Alabama falling out of the sky.  People from Winchester, Estill Springs, Tullahoma, and Manchester have been finding light paper items that the storm picked up in Alabama including envelopes, bills, pages of books, and photos.  A Facebook page has been setup so that people can share the items in an attempt to find the owners.  You can find it here.
I did manage to take some photos of the storm after it lessened.  I’ve posted them below.
[nggallery id=42]


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