Becoming an Entrepreneur as a Software Engineer Vol 2

This is part two of my discussion and thoughts on seeking to become an entrepreneur as a software engineer.  These are my current thoughts on the process and how to achieve my overall goals in becoming an entrepreneur.  This entry centers on the belief that becoming an entrepreneur occurs in several distinct phases.  Currently, I have identified three core stages.  During each of these phases our rolls and responsibilities change and grow drastically.

Stage 1: Working for someone else

This stage is the simple “do work” stage.  We work to fulfill someone elses vision, we work to complete their goals and bring life to their ideas.  We work to solve their problems.  Since we are, at our core, this state is the default for most workers in industry.

Stage 2: Startup

This stage where we work to get our company off the ground.  We are working to fulfill our own vision.  We have identified a product or service area and are actively working to produce something.  We may or may not have a small team but at worst case we are the pitchman, sales rep, accountant, architect and coder all in one.  We are still the problem solvers, just with more hats to wear.

Stage 3: Liftoff

In the other stages we still participated in the day to day work being done, in this one we have progressed to something else.  What that may be is up to the structure of the company.  We have at the very least transitioned from problem solver at the code level to problem solver at the company level.  We are actively deciding the direction of our company and product.  We transitioned to a form of problem creator for the people in our company.


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